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Asia 2006 Program
Thursday, October 19, 2006 at 4:15 PM
International Best Practices: Market Integrity

This session will provide insight on how brokers, exchanges and regulators monitor market activity on an ongoing basis and during the delivery process. How do they distinguish between legitimate market-making activity and manipulation? How are large traders identified and monitored? What special conditions are imposed during the delivery period? What is the role of the exchange, regulator and firm in ensuring customers are ready for delivery? What are the consequences of a default and how do the exchanges, regulators and firms respond?

Frederick Grede, Chairman, Vega Financial Engineering

Angelique Murphy, Senior Vice President, Calyon Financial
John Nicholas, Senior Vice President, Director of Securities Compliance, Fimat USA
Yeo Lian Sim, Executive Vice President and Head of Risk Management & Regulation Group, Singapore Exchange
Kimberly Taylor, Managing Director and President, Clearing House Division, Chicago Mercantile Exchange

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