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Asia Program
Thursday, December 3, 2009 at 3:45 PM
Impact of High Frequency Trading on Markets
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John Jacob Ballroom I

Proponents of high frequency trading say it provides liquidity, tightens spreads and speeds up execution. Opponents question whether high frequency traders have an unfair advantage over other types of investors. Representatives from brokerage firms, high-speed/low-latency trading firms, and exchanges will discuss the demands this type of trading places on firms and exchanges, the pros and cons of this style of trading, and the value and cost it brings to the marketplace.

Paul Hilgers, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific, Optiver Trading

Lionel Ghouila Houri, Deputy Head of PTG, Asia-Pacific, Newedge Japan
Dean Lane, Head of Asia Pacific Trading Technology, J.P. Morgan Australia
Christopher Lee, Global Head of Market Access, Fortis Bank Global Clearing
Matthias Rietig, Executive Advisor, Market Development, Osaka Securities Exchange
Robert Smith, Managing Director, GETCO Asia
Akira Tagaya, Head of Business & Policy Development, Derivatives, Tokyo Stock Exchange

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