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Asia Program
Friday, December 4, 2009 at 11:00 AM
Challenges of Running a Global Operation
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John Jacob Ballroom I

Fitting the Asia region into a firm's global operations process presents some unique challenges due to lack of standardization in access, operations, and regulation. In addition, risk management is becoming more difficult as traders demand direct access to markets. What can be done to reduce the cost and complexity of clearing Asia markets? How can we improve access for clients? Is remote clearing the answer, and if so, what players can get it, which exchanges allow it, and what are the terms, conditions, and constraints on remote access and prospects for remote clearing?

Laurence O'Connell, Managing Director of Asia Pacific Operations, MF Global

Sree Kumar, Head, Market & Product Development, Bursa Malaysia
James Morley, Executive Director, Listed Derivatives Operations, Morgan Stanley
Masayuki Nakajima, Executive Officer & Director, Marketing Department, Tokyo Financial Exchange
Fabrice Oriol, Head of Post Trade Services, SunGard Global Trading
Conway Yeung, Regional Head, Asia Pacific, UBS Exchange Traded Derivatives Operations

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