Banner Advertising

Website Traffic
The FIA website receives ever-increasing rates of industry-specific traffic. Main features of the website include breaking industry news, online issues of FI Magazine (posted 5 times each year), and FIA conference pages, which have led to increases in visitor traffic of up to 30%.

The FIA continues to drive traffic to its website. Efforts to steer industry professionals to the site include the distribution of eMarketBeat, a regular e-newsletter for FIA members, and the daily posting of e-clips news updates.

Banner Ad Rates and Specifications
Banner ads are given equal runtime and rotate randomly with each click throughout the entire FIA website. Banner slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis for $3,500 per quarter and are limited to 6 at any given time.

For more information please contact Toni Vitale Chan at

Dimensions Format Size Resolution
468 x 60 pixels

Any Format (i.e. swf, animated gif, etc.)
*swf files need the link embedded and must also come with an HTML file

Less than 30k 72dpi

All advertisements must be approved by the Futures Industry Association. The FIA reserves the right to reject any advertisement without prior written notice.