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Expo 2008 Program

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 3:45 PM
T3:45A FIA Information Technology Division presents Managing Technology Vendors: Assembly Required
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Columbus CD (East Tower)

Customer demand for sophisticated trading architecture plus the emergence of outsourced trading vendors that specialize in different areas of the execution and post-trade cycle have firms struggling to manage a variety of vendor relationships. How do firms negotiate the most effective relationship? How do they best leverage vendor expertise, have some control over development, and monitor outages? How can firms ensure that the interests of their technology providers are aligned with their interests? What do vendors require in order to effectively prioritize customers’ business requirements?

Leslie Sutphen, Global Head of eSolutions, Newedge USA

Linda Bracken, Managing Director, YJT Solutions
Tim Geannopulos, Executive Vice President, Global Sales, Trading Technologies
Alun Green, Senior Vice President, SunGard Futures Systems
Lynn Martin, Vice President, US LIFFE CONNECT Distribution, Liffe, NYSE Euronext
Michael Meagher, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Technology, Penson GHCO
Joe Schroeter, President, CQG
Gerard Varjacques, Chief Executive Officer, GL Trade Americas

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