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2010 Futures & Options Expo Program

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at 2:00 PM
W2:00C Technology Views 2010: Supporting the Business
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Continental C, Lobby Level

Contrasting the uncertainty of 2009, 2010 brought about a new way to view the financial marketplace and built a solid platform for moving forward to 2011 and beyond. With this new view comes a unique perspective on technology that affects every link along the trade lifecycle from the trading screen to the clearinghouse. How will 2011 benefit from the hard work in 2010 and where will technology play a part? How will technology continue to evolve and assist the business to make new strides, fuel growth and assist in the success of our industry through the coming year?

Matthew Rees, Chief Relationship Officer, R.J. O'Brien

Brian Adams, Chief Information Officer, Rosenthal Collins Group
Sean Barry, Managing Director, Patsystems
John Barun, Managing Director & Chief Information Officer, Geneva Trading
Wolfgang Eholzer, Head of Trading System Design, Eurex
Christopher Meens, Executive Vice President, Operational Services, SunGard

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