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January/February 2004 Features
January/February 2004 Cover
Event Markets Campaign for Respect
Michael Gorham
Published 1/1/2004
The idea of creating markets on political events got a bad reputation when the Defense Department started talking about terrorism futures, but there is lots of evidence to show that these markets are better at forecasting the future than opinion polls and expert opinion. Michael Gorham, director of market oversight at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, surveys a number of these markets and finds some common threads.
Michael Gorham is director of the Division of Market Oversight at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.
Self-Regulation and the Securities Market
Stuart Kaswell
Published 1/1/2004
As the futures industry considers how best to structure the self-regulatory system int he new world of for-profit exchanges, some interesting parallels can be drawn from the securities industry, and especially from the New York Stock Exchange. Stuart Kaswell, a partner at Dechert, describes the dramatic changes the NYSE made to its governance structure last fall, focusing on the unusual steps it adopted to strengthen the independence and authority of the board.
Stuart Kaswell is a partner in the law firm Dechert LLP where he heads the broker-dealer, financial institutions, and market regulatory practice group and represents SIA. He was senior vice president and general counsel of the SIA from 1994 to 2003.
Structural Change In Japan
Will Acworth
Published 1/1/2004
The commodity futures business in Japan looks ripe with opportunity for foreign brokers and their customers, and the financial futures business seems to be rising with the markets. Will Acworth, editor of Futures Industry, looks at business and regulatory developments that will have important effects on how foreign brokers do business in Japan.
Will Acworth is the editor of Futures Industry magazine.
Tech Talk
Dave Engaldo
Published 1/1/2004
Disaster Recovery: Chicago Institutions Seek Better Coordination
Dave Engaldo is first vice president of business continuity planning for The Options Clearing Corp. and the leader of the task force for Chicago FIRSTís organization and funding.
January/February 2004 Departments
Presidentís Message
John Damgard
Published 1/1/2004
John Damgard is the president of the Futures Industry Association.
Trading Volume: Flying Off the Charts
Megan DeGrandis
Published 1/1/2004
Equity products again lead the way.
News Briefs
Editorial Staff
Published 1/1/2004
Eurex Delays Clearing Link to March; Treasury, Fed Express Support for Eurex Application; CFTC Seeks Comment on Proposed Exempt Market Rules; Anti-Money Laundering: Final Rule Issued for Suspicious Activity Reports; CBOT Signs Accord with Chinese Exchange; CME Expands Sovereign Debt Eligible as Collateral; Pension Funds Raising Allocations to Hedge Fund Investments; CME, SGX Renew Mutual Offset Agreement
Clearing the Deck: LCH.Clearnet Adds Intra-day Margin Call on Futures and Options
Frances Maguire
Published 1/1/2004
New margining system at LCH.Clearnet.
Frances Maguire is a freelance financial journalist based in London.
Prominent People
Editorial Staff
Published 1/1/2004