Futures Hall of Fame 2007

In recognition of the outstanding contributions of members of the futures and options community, the Futures Industry Association established the FIA Futures Hall of Fame in 2005 and inducted 55 members. We are pleased to announce 19 new members in 2007.

The Hall of Fame celebrates the accomplishments and recognizes the significant contributions individuals have made to the futures and options industry. It is important that the people who lead this industry today understand the contributions made by those who came before them. We are benefiting from the ground they broke, and the programs and policies they put in place. These inductees have earned the respect and gratitude of the futures market participants for laying the foundation for the extraordinary success of our industry.

Please join with us in celebrating the legacy that the men and women who share this honor leave behind. Congratulations to the 2007 FIA Futures Hall of Fame honorees.

John Damgard
Futures Industry Association

2007 Inductees

Patrick H. Arbor
Louis Moore Bacon
John M. Damgard
William ‘Billy’ Buchanan Dunavant Jr.
Charles ‘Harry’ Falk
Stanley Fink
Jörg Franke
George F. Haase, Jr.
Adrian C. ‘Ace’ Israel
Celesta Jurkovich
K.K. Kodama
James J. McNulty
Robert J. O’Brien, Sr.
William F. O’Connor
Thomas Peterffy
John F. ‘Jack’ Sandner
Myron Scholes
Ang Swee Tian
Brian Williamson