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For more information about how to apply for FIA membership, e-mail Toni Vitale-Chan or call +1.312.636.2919. For information on member benefits, e-mail Adoncia Boykins or call +1.202.772.3027.

Industry and Washington Representation
FIA is your voice in Washington and a significant source of information on global exchange-traded markets and U.S. legislative and regulatory actions that impact our industry. We bring our members together to present strong, unified comments on topics of concern. The FIA serves as a liaison between its members and the Administration, Congress, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and other regulators, as well as other trade associations—domestic and international—whose activities affect the derivatives markets. Over the years, FIA has fought against user fees, negotiated changes in the tax treatment for futures, and consistently worked to lift regulatory burdens, encourage competition, and protect financial integrity of the markets.

FIA is frequently called on by regulators and Congressional representatives to provide the industry perspective on issues under consideration. FIA staff continuously monitors legislative and regulatory developments, testifies before Congress and regulatory agencies, interacts with SROs, and comments on proposed rules and other issues that concern our industry. The FIA has given strong support to initiatives that provide regulatory relief to exchanges and intermediaries.

FIA provides a forum for futures and options professionals from around the world to share information and concerns about the global futures industry. Many of FIA's members are global players representing global clients in global markets. FIA works to facilitate cross-border trading, monitor and provide input to international regulators, advise new markets, and standardize practices and policies to create greater efficiency in cross-border trading. The FIA takes on special projects such as the development of recommendations to enhance the protection of assets of market participants wherever they are trading, and collecting information on rules, technology, and system design of international exchanges.

Division Membership
Any employee of an FIA member firm, regardless of the firm's membership category, is eligible to join a division for a small annual membership fee. Divisions are a vital component of the FIA, giving members the opportunity to discuss common issues, exchange ideas, give input to the FIA board, exchanges and other regulatory and self-regulatory bodies, and network with peers. Division initiatives bring industry professionals together to find solutions for common problems. Divisions also support FIA efforts at the international level.

FIA divisions meet in New York, Chicago, and Tokyo.

Contact Adoncia Boykins for more information about Division Membership.

Members receive discounts on FIA conference registration fees and exhibiting opportunities. FIA conferences provide in-depth, practical information for market professionals. The programs are planned by the industry for the industry. Most conferences are attended by a diverse group of delegates including representatives from global brokerage houses, international exchanges and regulatory agencies, brokerage firm professionals as well as consultants and service providers.

Annual conferences include:

FIA publishes a variety of publications to provide members with a constant flow of information on world futures and options events. The information we compile is just one way FIA makes it easier for members to stay on top of the changing marketplace.

FIA publications:

  • FI magazine's editorial content gives comprehensive coverage to key issues and trends in futures, options and cleared swaps. Articles regularly cover front- and back-office operations, exchange-traded and OTC clearing, marketing, research, money management, and regulatory and brokerage issues from a domestic and international perspective. Subscription is included in FIA membership dues and available to anyone within a member firm.
  • Volume Reports—monthly volume and open interest data on domestic and international futures and options on futures contracts, plus options on individual equities, stock indexes, currency and interest rate contracts.
  • Membership Directory—The members-only directory is a valuable resource that lists names, addresses, and phone numbers for key personnel at member firms.
  • eMarketBeat—This electronic news summary delivers industry news, updates on legislative and regulatory actions affecting the industry, FIA division reports, and a calendar of FIA events.
  • Federal Register and PRs—This daily e-mail from our government affairs staff is available for members of the Law & Compliance Division. It contains a daily compendium of government, SRO, and exchange regulatory notices, speeches, and congressional action.

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