Membership in the FIA Principal Traders Group is limited to firms trading their own capital in exchange-traded markets. Principal traders are active in a variety of asset classes such as futures, equities, foreign exchange, and fixed income, and on a variety of exchanges, both in the U.S. and abroad. Trading firms engage in automated, manual and hybrid methods of trade generation and execution encompassing various strategies. Not all principal traders are high-frequency traders. The FIA PTG membership currently includes:

Allston Trading 
Cognitive Capital, LLC
Consolidated Trading LLC
DRW Holdings, LLC
Eagle Seven LLC
Flow Traders US, LLC
Geneva Trading USA, LLC
Hard Eight Futures, LLC
HTG Capital Partners
IMC Financial Markets
Jump Trading LLC
KCG Holdings
Ketchum Trading 
Liquid Capital
Marquette Partners, LP
Optiver US LLC
Quantlab Financial, LLC
RGM Trading, LLC
Spot Trading LLC
Sun Trading, LLC
Teza Technologies
Tower Research Capital, LLC
TradeForecaster Global Markets LLC
XR Trading LLC