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Expo 2008 Program

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 2:15 PM
W2:15A FIA Chicago presents The Futures of OTC Products
Listen Now

Regency A (West Tower)

OTC products are starting to infiltrate the futures exchange trading space. Exchanges are creating more OTC products and we have seen growth in it from NYMEX ClearPort to CBOT Ethanol Swaps to ICE Energy and Power products. The U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has stated that more standardization in the processing of OTC trades would make such markets, like the credit-default-swap market more stable. Therefore, how can we look to support these products since our future will be impacted more and more by these OTCs?

We need to build a better infrastructure for the OTCs to grow but we also need commonality as it grows. Is a centralized clearinghouse the answer? How do we address the regulatory reporting and financial issues surrounding the growth of OTCs? What challenges are the vendors having in keeping up with the pace of these new products since there are slight nuances to all of them and time to market can be quick? What is the operational impact to the processing of these products compared to a futures contract? Do the OTC contracts, such as the ones previously mentioned, become assimilated in the daily routine without additional risk?

William Metzger, Vice President, J.P. Morgan Futures

Edward Gogol, Managing Director, Clearing Solutions, CME Group
David Goone, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, IntercontinentalExchange
Rich Hulit, President, SunGard Futures Systems
John Munro, Senior Vice President, Product Design, Rolfe & Nolan Systems
Christine Show, Senior Vice President, Newedge USA
Don Sternard, Vice President, Client Market Place Services, The Clearing Corporation

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